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The Future of Money


Is it possible to own your own bank or your own currency?

That day has arrived.

Cryptocurrency is a digital medium exchange to ensure integrity and general balance of all ledgers.  Cryptocurrency uses cryptography to create coins and secure transactions.

The goal of Promethieus is to build up and bank of various cryptocurrencies.

How You’re Protected

Promethieus Cryptocurrency works closely with SHD Smart Home Devices and MegaHertz Power Systems to Maximize Coin Return on Investment in order to build a large portfolio of cryptocurrencies to hold and trade for further services.

The use of Cryptocurrencies in automated security features in IoT and for Artificial Intelligence is key to the working relationship between SHDSmart Home Devices and Promethieus.

Why Us?

Promethiues Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs is named for the Titan who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to Man.  

Access to the seamless and recurring generation of wealth through cloud and AI interactions is akin to stealing fire. 


The focus of Promethieus is to create multi-generational wealth for shareholders through dividend payments of cryptocurrency to shareholders. Please place it in your favourites for cryptocurrency news.


Promethieus Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

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