Promethieus Cryptocurrency Mining
Promethieus Cryptocurrency Mining


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About Us

Investing in Future Tech

The goal of Promethieusis to discover and invest in new technologies that are game-changing.  Blockchain, Energy Storage, IoT and the current areas of focus.

How You’re Protected

Promethieus Cryptocurrency works closely with innovative entrepreneurs to find and invest in key technologies at a pre-IPO stage with immense wealth creation opportunities.

Why Us?

Promethiues is named for the Titan who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to Man.  

Access to the seamless and recurring generation of wealth through cloud and AI interactions is akin to stealing fire. 


The focus of Promethieus is to create multi-generational wealth for shareholders through dividend payments of cryptocurrency to shareholders. Please place it in your favourites for cryptocurrency news.


Promethieus Technologies Inc.

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